The SA.SG Family

Started in 2013 this "New Brand' truly is far from new ! For years I've wanted to start a brand for spearo's an for every one who loves the ocean just as I do. With hundreds of ideas on paper, no plan and fear of failure and rejection in this new market. I kept my Ideas to myself for a very long time, but not anymore ! The doors are wide open and after battling with my self to move forward I began planning the name and direction that I wanted to take us in, as time passed and tons of failed meaningless boring names, ShaftAbuse came to mind and the name was born ! having been born and raised in south Florida, with a history of Cuban spearo's in my bloodline ! It was inevitably my destiny to end up passionately in love with spearfishing, growing up with mostly hand me down gear, the virus of spearfishing invaded my blood as it did my great grandfather, grandfather and father before me, it is my passion and my escape ! some would say there's no other feeling like it in the world. With all that, I hope, our ideas and designs truly represents the Spearo-lifestyle and the passion we all have for the sport.

How it all Began